Navia biography
José Manuel Navia was born in Madrid, 1957. Philosophy graduate from the Autonoma University of Madrid in 1980. 

From his work on report arises his most personal photography. Literature feeds his images, of a deeply Iberian root. Following this trace he travels throughout the world.

Books and individual exhibitions:

- “Nóstos”. His most personal work; a reflection on journey as metaphor of life, made in the course of the last 12 years. Published in October 2013 by Ediciones Anómalas, Barcelona.
-“Un Madrid literario”. Published by Lunwerg, Madrid 2009. Exhibition at the Museum of the City, Madrid, april-september 2009.
- New edition of "Pisadas sonámbulas: lusofonías", La Fábrica 2008. It is a work about the territories of the Portuguese language. Exhibitions at the "V Encuentros de Fotografía de Gijón", Asturias 2008, and “Mirartephoto” festival, Guadalajara 2011.
- “World Heritage Cities. Spain's Thirteen Jewels”, published by La Fábrica 2008, and exhibition at the thirteen Spanish cities, until 2010. Since then, exhibitions at the Instituto Cervantes in some different countries (New Delhi, Cracow, Moscow, Tunis, Istambul, Palermo, Naples, Rome…)
- “Antonio Machado, miradas”, published by Caja Duero, Salamanca 2007.
- “La Creciente”, literary territories of Latin America, exhibition at the Centre de Fotografía Documental, Jaume Fuster Library, Barcelona 2006.
- “Journey to History. Spain in 3000 years”, published by Lunwerg, Barcelona 2005.
- “Territory of Don Quixote”, published by Lunwerg, Barcelona 2004, and exhibitions at the National Library, Madrid 2005; Portuguese Center of Photography, Porto 2005, and some cities of Africa, Europa and Latin America with the Instituto Cervantes and SEACEX during 2005 and 2006.
- “Marruecos, fragmentos de lo cotidiano”, published by Altaïr/Grup 62, Barcelona 2003. Work in progress. Exhibitions at Cartagena 2009; Estampa Art Fair, Madrid 2012.
- “Desde la Catedral” published by Catedral Santa María Foundation, Vitoria 2003, and exhibitions at the Artium Museum, Vitoria 2004, and Lisbon 2004.
- “La soledad y el deseo”, small book and exhibiton in Valencia 2002
- “Pisadas sonámbulas: lusofonías” ("Somnambulant footprints: lusophonies"), published by La Fábrica 2001, and exhibitions in PhotoEspaña, Madrid 2001; Irún (Basque Country) 2006; Autónoma University, Madrid 2006.
- “Navia”, monograph in the book series PhotoBolsillo, La Fábrica, Madrid 2001.

Some collective books and exhibitions:

- "Photo by Photo. A portrait of Spain" (15 spanish photographers). SEEI, Madrid 2010. Exhibition at the Expo Shanghai 2010 and some other countries (2011-2013).
- “Visiones de Marruecos” SEACEX/Lunwerg, Madrid 2006. Exhibition at  Tres Culturas Foundation, Seville, and traveling in Morocco during 2006-2007.
- “Agence VU’ galerie” Photo Poche, Paris 2006.
- "100 Spanish Photographers", published by Rosa Olivares (EXIT), Madrid 2005
- “Diez Miradas/Ten Views”, SEEI/Lunwerg, Madrid, 2005, and exhibition at the Tokio Metropolitan Museum of Photography.
- “Un viaje a Madrid”, T Ediciones, Madrid 2004 and exhibition at the Madrid Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art.
- "Vu ’15 ans”, La Martinière, París 2002, and travelling exhibition.

Photographer since 1975. Freelance photographer since 1987. Member of the Agence Vu (Paris) from 1992. His work is published in several Spanish and European media, maintaining close ties with El País newspaper (where he worked as picture editor in 1995-1996).
Some awards: First Fotopress Prize, 1987 (and other categories in 1989, 90, 91), La Caixa Foundation. Society of Newspaper Design, USA, in 1994, 1995 and 1997. Godó award of Photojournalism 1999, Conde de Barcelona Foundation / La Vanguardia newspaper. Spanish Geographical Society 2006 Image award.
He has works in different collections and museums: The Madrid Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, Community of Madrid collection, Alcobendas collection, Catedral Santa María Foundation (Vitoria, Basque Country), La Fábrica Gallery (Madrid), The Marugame Museum in Japan, etc.